to our beloved ones, our supporters, friends & family.

well, as you might noticed, bbnx broke up.
jobs, borders, different kind of views, basically life.
thorsten left for switzerland, jobwise.
and we simply couldn`t manage to replace him.
we decided to sail the ship to harbor.
bbnx will no longer be.
some of us will continue, some of us will just let go and some might
create something totally different.
however, bbnx has always been a diesel engine in our lifes and as much
as we struggled
we loved it as well. talking about myselft, it has been the longest
relationship i`ve ever had & the only one that could manage to
completely make me happy. but as you know, it`s never easy in a

we`re so thankful for all the support you guys gave us over the years.
we wanted to keep that in our hearts and not ruin it.
we hope you understand this.

be good.
bbnx (written by d.c.)